How to remove a key storage file from the wallet?


I want to move a validator that has not activated yet from one DAppNode running Prysm web UI to a different identical box. How do you remove a Keystore file from the wallet?


Prysm devs have stated that the Prysm web UI will not be able to delete or disable individual Keystores, see

So you must delete all Keystores and re-import a selection of them.
First of all, you must eliminate the Pryms package and all data from the old DAppnode. Install the package again on the old Dappnode to make sure that it’s not picking up the old Keystore or any cached data.
If you’re confident the old DAppnode is not picking up your Keystore then install the Prysm package on the New DAppnode and go through the wallet and Keystore process again on the New DAppnode.

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