How to recover the UI password

The first time you access your DAppnode using the VPN, appear the next image:

Once you fill the fields and press the register button, DAppNode provides you with a recovery code. If you forget te DAppNode’s Password you will be able to access using this token.

You should save your token in a secure place like a password manager, paper, etc. In this case, we would save this:


How to access to my DAppNode using the recovery token

Firstly, we have to go to the login page of our DAppNode:

We should select the option “forgot password?”. It will appear a field where you can reset your password using the recovery token. In this example, we would use the token 4LMB9w3l50Yljwr6bIgQ. You have to use your recovery token.

After confirming the recovery token, you can define an admin user in DAppNode and his password in the same way you did the first time you connect.

Remember using a password with the next properties:

  • Minimum 8 characters
  • At least one Cap letter
  • At least one number

Once you filled the field and press the register button, dappnode will provide a recovery token.

We write down and save that token and we accept we have copied our recovery token. We log in with our new credentials and we have access to our DAppNode.

How to recover your recovery token and recover admin access

In case we have lost bot the password and the recovery token, we need to access our DAppNode: SSH into the DAppNode host or plug a keyboard.

Once we are in our DAppNodeMachine, we type the next command which shows us the recovery token:

cat /usr/src/dappnode/DNCORE/admin-recovery-token.txt ; echo

The command does the next:

  • The admin-recover-token.txt is where the token is saved.
  • The ; echo is used to make easier the read of the token.

After inserting the command we obtain the recovery token we have to use to reset our password.
On the above section, How to access to my DAppNode using the recovery token you can reset your password with this recovery token.

Is this a newly added feature? I’ve been using my DAppNode UI for the past month and just got this “register” screen.

It’s a new feature which was added in this new release.