How to not get slashed running eth2 on a dapp node

Hey! I’m thinking of running an eth2 validator on a dapp node mini. Question…how do I prevent myself from getting slashed if I need to disconnect my dapp node (if I’m moving to a new apartment or something). The reason I ask is because I know that eth2 penalizes you if you’re offline.

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You have about three weeks before you get ‘exited’ for being offline. Edit: Not ‘slashed’
Up to that point if you are offline for any period of time then you will get penalised which is not the same as slashing.
However, the penalties are pretty minimal and they roughly equate to the same amount of yield if you were online for that same period.
Eg. if you can earn ‘n’ Eth in one day then you will lose ‘n’ eth for being offline for one day. It will then take you one day to get back to the starting value.

I hope that makes sense.

Edit: Check here for more details


Makes sense! Thanks @AJR.

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