How to exit your validator from the UI

If you want to exit your validator but you want to do it from the UI you will need to use Teku as a consensus client, it’s the only one that let you do the exit now we are using the web3signer.


  • Having installed teku as consensus client and synced
  • Connect teku to an execution client(geth,nethermind,erigon,etc)
  • Select on the web3signer the teku client, you can do this in the config tab of the web3signer package

The step to do the exit is very easy but how do an exit its a sensitive action we will explain it step by step.

  1. Go to the Teku package http://my.dappnode/#/packages/

  2. Go to the config tab http://my.dappnode/#/packages/ or click on the config tab.

  3. Go below and click on the show advanced mode


  4. Once you clicked on that, you will be able to add values to the environment variables of the containers. And you should see the next:

In this example, we will exit of 1 validator. Firstly I will show my validator is working according to beaconcha web. You can find your validator if you go to and look for your validator by pasting the pubkey of him. (you can find this pubkey on the UI of the web3signer package)

Now we go to the place we mentioned we can change the environment variables, the config section of the teku package. And we have to fill 2 fields:


In the first env var called EXIT_VALIDATOR, we have to fill it with the phrase: I want to exit my validators

And the second var KEYSTORES_VOLUNTARY_EXIT, we need to write here the pubkey or pubkeys of the validators we want to do the exit:

  • In case of one: pubkey
  • In case of several: pubkey,pubkey,pubkey…
    In this example, we only do the exit of one of them: 0xb3d3659a57a0e39a8cd6cd320890e81beff5e38aaa00f22bdfc53b62cf55643d99232de014aef98abd67ac1ef8d6a53c

The final result would be the next:

Once you have filled both fields, click on the update button. Then to check the operation went well:

  1. Check your validators are exiting

6.1. Go to teku logs http://my.dappnode/#/packages/ and select the option to show the validator service logs, you can see in the image how to do it:

Youl should see the next messags in the logs of the validators service:

Very important, the last message appears in your logs
Exit for validator b3d3659 submitted-.

The next step is to visit your validator on beaconcha, immediately you will not see any weird, but in 10 minutes you should see the last icon blinking:

Finally, if you are running validators after doing this operation, go to the config tab and remove the value of EXIT_VALIDATOR and KEYSTORES_VOLUNTARY_EXIT and click on update, Furthermore, it would be good idea to remove the key of the web3signer. If you will not validate more or you deleted all the evalidator, only uninstall the package.

Will try to get Prysm Support added for web3signer asap.

Hi @JamesHe, any idea when Prysm will be supported?