How to exit staking

How could I exit staking, if my dappnode machine brakes down?

You won’t need the DAppNode or any client to exit. The official EF deposit CLI tool will also provide exit functionality using the mnemonic as input

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You use the word “will”. Does the CLI deposit tool not have this functionality right now?

I’m not sure if the official EF deposit CLI does not include the exit functionality now, but the point also is that is odds are low for anyone to use it.

Keep in mind, even if you’ve ‘exited’ from being an active validator, this doesn’t mean your staked ETH is withdrawable and you should wait at least to phase 1.5 for that, which means your funds will remain inaccessible until then

Yeah that is all good info to be reinforced. I was asking because I was trying to put together a plan for what to do if I’m not around and I was not finding good resources to point to.