How to communicate directly with Geth package API/SSH through dappnode?

I downloaded the Geth package, everything works well in terms of the Sync and the configuration but I can’t understand how am I supposed to communicate with the Geth API / Cmd ?

This is the same for all packages, I can get to the Dappnode SSH but I can’t move on to the applications in it.

Can anyone please help me understand what am I missing?

You can communicate with the containers in the next way.
If you are in the dappnode machine you can use the container IP(you can know the container ip directly in config section of package UI).
But if you want to access from another machine (and be secure) you can connect this remote machine by using the vpn you have in dappnode. Create a credentials and set up the vpn in the remote machine, so you will be able to access to the container via IP or even url. For example, geth url for the remote it would be http://geth.dappnode:8545