How to add extra flags to Geth?

Anyway to be able to use geth flags on DappNode? Specifically looking to reduce max peers due to ISP monthly bandwidth limits.

You can use the EXTRA_OPTS config in the admin ui > packages > geth > config

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What’s the proper syntax for the peer setting? I tried “–maxpeers 10” but got an error saying 10 is an unknown command. Does it need to be --maxpeers=10 or --maxpeers “10”? The docs are a little vague on proper syntax for this.

EDIT: Tried using the --maxpeers=10 format and get an error that looks like this:
ERROR[01-02|04:57:46.082] Unavailable modules in HTTP API list unavailable="[maxpeers=10]" available="[admin debug web3 eth txpool personal ethash miner net]"

Anyone got an example of how to set the maxpeers from withing the DAppNode UI?

I think I figured out the proper syntax for anyone else looking at this. The trick is to add the maxpeers arg after the existing args without a comma like this:
--rpcapi eth,net,web3,txpool --maxpeers 7

The default peer limit is 50 for Geth and this is eating up bandwidth at an insane rate of 30+GB per day. Hoping that reducing the number of peers will slow data usage.


Can you report your any issues with it now? :slight_smile: