How to Access The Prysm Prater WebUI in v0.1.5 (Upstream v2.0.3) and Above

Starting in Prysm Prater v0.1.5 (upstream version 2.0.3) there is a new method of authentication to access the Prysm WebUI dashboard.

First you will need to make sure you have updated to DAppNode Core v0.2.50. You can double check your DAppNode Core version by navigating to here.

After updating to v0.1.5 (upstream v2.0.3) or above, there will be a new link with an authentication token embedded in it on the Prysm Prater info tab as shown below next to where it says Token in the red oval. You will need to click this link to access the Prysm Prater WebUI Dashboard for the first time to authorize your token. Once this token is authorized you can enter the Prysm Prater dashboard by following either of the links circled in green ovals. This authentication only needs to take place once, so only use the links in the green ovals after you have used the authentication token link in the red oval.