How long does it take to activate a Validator?

I’m attempting to setup a Validator using the Medalla package and the status is currently showing as

INFO [prysm] time=“2020-11-16 11:45:49” level=info msg=“Deposit processed, entering activation queue after finalization” index=109968 positionInActivationQueue=17466 prefix=validator

The activation queue number is going down really slowly though.

Do I just have to wait it out?

Just found the answer online. Looks like I’m in for a few days wait.

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Hi @AJR,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing the solution too!!! :medal_sports:

Once the wait is over, you can let us know and mark your last post as the solution by clicking in the solution button

If it’s 900 activation’s a day that’s about a 19 day wait! :open_mouth:

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