[Hiring] DevOps + Package Master Position!

DevOps + Package Master

Position: Full time

About DAppNode:

DAppNode is a FOSS (Free Open Source Software) project with the mission to create a decentralized infrastructure layer for the new internet. The goal is to provide anyone with the ability to run decentralized crypto-network nodes and participate directly in them without the need for 3rd parties. And we mean anyone, regardless of their technical level.

This is why DAppNode also sells pre-installed hardware that works on a plug-and-play model, to facilitate even more the operations of running a node.

Read this for more information about DAppNode’s vision: https://medium.com/dappnode/an-infrastructure-vision-for-web3-3074c5c27ba4

About the role:

We need a DevOps that has a passion for the P2P, decentralization and cryptocurrency ecosystem, with focus on Ethereum. Moreover, it will take care of developing and maintaining DAppNode Packages (DNPs), dockerized versions of popular DApps and decentralized services that will run on DAppNode.

DAppNode consists of a small team, so you’ll have the opportunity to have an impact in the shape of the company and grow along with its success. Your opinion will count while making decisions on the direction of the project!


  • Develop and maintain DAppNode packages, based on docker compose files and startup scripts.
  • Deploy tools to monitor and expand the DAppNode infrastructure (DynDNS servers, Ethereum nodes, faucets, etc.)
  • Maintain and improve the installation tools of DAppNode on home computers, creation of ISO installers both for x86_64 and arm64 architectures.
  • Develop and maintain an installer for Raspberry Pi 4.
  • Take care of the CI system of the DAppNode packages, both core and third party ones.
  • Eventually, code parts of the core packages of DAppNode in NodeJS and Typescript.
  • Responsible for resolving open support tickets, helping L1 support engineers when required.
  • Develop automated testing tools.

Required skills

  • Debian GNU/Linux, or any experience with UNIX based systems.
  • Docker and Docker Compose.
  • Bash scripting.
  • Git version control.
  • Basic domestic networking (TCP/IP, DNS, router configuration, etc.).
  • Any programming experience, but better if familiar with JavaScript/TypeScript and NodeJS.
  • Fluent English.

Desired skills

  • Familiarity with CI systems like Travis, GitHub actions. etc.
  • Ethereum Smart Contracts (Solidity)
  • SSL Certification with Let’s Encrypt
  • Experience tinkering with SBC boards like Raspberry Pi, RockPro64 etc.
  • Customization of GNU/Linux distributions

What we can offer you:

Your place in one of the most exciting and disruptive technologies landscape.

Remote work with potential physical meetings with the rest of the team (when travel is normalized again).

Flexible vacation times - you choose when you take your days

A small team:

  • you’ll be a core part of the team and your opinion will matter - your ideas have a high chance of being implemented!
  • You’ll have the opportunity to see which areas and needs open up and position yourself within the company to seize them.

Grow with us: we’re growing rapidly, the industry is expanding fast, and we have a lot to do. If you’re someone who loves taking initiative and get things done, there’s a lot of opportunities for your individual growth.

How to apply:

Please apply with your (English) resume and a short personal introduction at pol (at) dappnode (dot) io!

We look forward to your application!

We don’t care about your race, your gender, your sexual orientation, ethnicity, or who knows what. We want to empower our people to accomplish their potential, we welcome variety as a source of inspiration, and we regard it as a value-added.


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