Helping DAppNode: Gitcoin Grants Round 9

Gitcoin Grants Round 9 starts in a few hours!

DAppNode is primarily FreeOpenSourceSoftware(FOSS) and a great deal of what we can do is thanks to donations from users and supporters.

If you find that DAppNode is valuable to you and you have the means to contribute… head over to and donate!

You can donate… for FREE?!

Linked to the Gitcoin Grants we also have our Community Treasury with weekly PAN rewards.

If you have participated in the community discussion in Discord and you have input a claim adress in the #ct-addresses channel, there’s a high chance you already got some PAN tokens in your zksync wallet! (zksync works with the same address you gave us).

That means that you might already have tokens in L2, so you can donate without paying super high gas prices!

How can I MAXIMIZE my donation?

  1. Stake your PAN in . This will increase the total amount of matching DAppNode and other projects can receive from the Panvala inflation treasury. Then donate part of this PAN to actually trigger matching!
  2. Verify you are a real person with BrightID on Gitcoin. Verified profiles receive more matching to their donations!
  3. Donate something other than the PAN you have received!

Remember that the community treasury is a community sustainability experiment, and can only be sustainable if it gets replenished. Donate your PAN tokens or part of them to DAppNode and your Donation will be matched by Panvala! This way we can continue rewarding members of the community that help others, that create new content, packages and that are generally awesome as judged by… the community itself!


  • How can I donate?

Here’s the link: You can register and donate via your favourite wallet! If you have tokens in L2 (zksync), you can even skip gas costs.

  • What is Gitcoin Grants?

Gitcoin is a company dedicated to enabling open source decentralized software production. The Gitcoin Grants gather a pool of funds and allocates them according to what the users vote with their money. It works as follows: if a lot of people donate to a project it allocates a bigger part of the pool to it.

In other words: if 100 people donate 1 DAI to project A and 1 person donates 100 DAI to project B, project A will recieve more matching because it’s considered useful by more people.

  • What is the DAppNode Community Treasury?

Please read this medium post dedicated to explaining it.d

  • What is zksync?

A Layer 2 scalability solution that helps reduce gas costs for users. Your donations don’t have to cost money to perform! Be aware that moving money from Ethereum (L1) to zksync (L2) will cost some gas. But once in L2, everything will be a lot cheaper.

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