Help! Our New DappNode has randomly shut off and disconnected from the internet


We ordered a DappNode Home this month and it disconnected itself from the internet on the third day. We were unable to connect to the DappNode, so we ended up rebooting the box. At the time, we were running Nethermind, Lighthouse, MEV-Boost and the Metrics tool.

After getting everything up and running, we decided to use Geth and Prysm. After switching everything over the DappNode was running great for about a week, until this morning when the whole DappNode shut itself down completely. All we could do is manually turn it on and wait for everything to resync, which cost us quite a bit of loses.

Here is some additional information that can be helpful:

-This is our first DappNode, but it’s not our first time staking, and this is the first time we have this problem.

-We also have the DappNode connected to a UPS, so we don’t understand how it could shut itself off.

-We have a very strong internet connection, 1.2GB speed.

-The DappNode is connected directly to the router/modem with a CAT8.

-We opened/forwarded the ports that are listed in the config sections for geth & prysm.

This is very strange to us and we would really appreciate any help in finding a solution to this strange problem. Since we just received our DappNode we are very concerned that this might turn into a recurring problem that we maybe unable to fix if we are not home when it happens again.

Thank you,

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