Help needed: Node restarts

I have been using my dappnode without issues until I had to move.
Went to settings->turn off and move my device to a new home.
After plugging in again to the new router I can’t get the system to boot correctly.

I tried regular debian and also recovery. Nothing special and after some time the HDMI signal turns off.

Any recommendation?

I can avoid the restart if I enter the system under debian recovery with dappnode.s0 password.

systemctl start docker

is what’s causing the restart.

docker -v 
Docker version 20.10.6 build 370c289
uname -a
Linux dappnode # SMP Debian 5.10.14902 (2022-10-21) x86_64 GNU/Linux

I just checked and my dappnode is running

BIOS Version 0052 - FNCML357.0052.2021.0409.1144
Date: April 09, 2021

and there is a new version available:

BIOS Version 0058 - FNCML357.0058.2022.0720.1011
• Date: Jul 22, 2022

I will try updating

Upgrading the BIOS didn’t fix the problem :frowning:

I just replaced the memory modules and still have the same problem.

I found the fix for my problem:
Deactivating Intel (r) Dynamic Power Technology from the bios made everything go back to normal.

I wonder what’s the default bios setup for dappnode nodes. Is this feature usually off?

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