Hard disk size recommendation needed =)

Hi All,

I am new and I just ordered a Asus PN62 box with i7, 32G Ram, 512G SSD & 1T Hdd. On second thought, I think the pre-configured disk drive may not be sufficient.

The main objective that I am going to use on this box is :slight_smile:

  1. Learning : to enter the DeFi world
  2. Contribute (a bit) : intend to run a (light ?) node of ethernum and bitcoin but not staking
  3. Explore most, if not all of the packages on DappNode

May I have some suggestions if I need to prepare to upgrade the storage before my Asus box arrives, please.


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According to the official launch pad you need 300gb just to hold the eth block chain to date and then it will grow from there. They recommend 1tb but dappnode also hosts IPFS files and the operating system so I would say 2tb minimum.

The sooner it fills up the sooner you need to upgrade. You can always rent the unused space out with the storj app

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Thanks a lot, jin !!!

It seems that I need, at least, to upgrade either / both of my SSD and HDD.

I just curious, is it possible for me to use both SSD and HDD in my PC in dappnode, please.


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If you know linux and how to set up fstab you can mount the larger drive and put the beacon chain and the geth database in there.

If you don’t know how to do that, I’d recommend practicing on a different machine that isn’t staking real money in case you get in trouble.

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Hi jin,

Thanks and may I ask 1 last ?

Actually, I would like to know if dappnote can support multiple storage devices — in my case, both SSD and HDD. Otherwise, I would have to decide which one to upgrade before installation.


Hi @wclwong

We do not recommend using HDD storage - it is important that the disk is SSD or NVMe, otherwise writing speed won’t be able to cope with the ETH chain sync