Grant program for translating dAppNode's docs to difference languages

Dear dAppNode community.
My name is Peter. I’m Vietnamese blockchain translator and writer with experience in translating Defi projects. The project is great, but there are some technical words in dAppNode’s docs which non-English speakers unable to comprehensive completely. Therefore, with purpose to promote wider dAppNode project, I’d like to make a proposal for a grant program to translate dAppNode’s docs to different languagues in order to attract more investors and developers around the world.
Thank you everyone.
Have a good day.


Beautiful! A quick search tells me that Docusaurus, what we use for our documentation, allows for localization / different languages.

Have you ever used such a tool? Would you be able to configure i18n in our repo?

Alternatively, what would you suggest to do?

I will translate all your docs and your website to Vietnamese language. About Docusaurus, I will learn to use.

How to configure i18n in your repo sir?

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