Geth full node doesn't sync properly

I started a full node sync with Geth more than 24 hours ago and it looks like it’s constantly behind. “States synced” has been around 99.9% the whole day always trying to keep up but never reaching 100%.

I tried to reboot my NUC, restarted the Geth package but still having the same issue.

Any ideas on what should I do to get my node fully synced?

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Hey Clem! Welcome to the community!

Do not worry… 24 is nothing! :rofl: it can take up to a week.

The reason why it’s at 99% is because percentage (%) is not a good measure of when the node will be synced. It might have synced all the blocks, but then it needs to sync states, and that takes A LONG time.

A better estimator is the size of your node. Mine is about 370 GB. Compare how close you are to this size and you’ll see how close you are to being synced.

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Thanks for your quick reply Lanski!

Ok so I checked the size of my node and it’s at 268GB right now. So I guess I still have quite a bit of time to wait :joy:

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Err sorry but I waited for about 3 weeks yet it kept reporting 67 or so blocks behind. So I gave up and turned off Geth.
Please let me know if you managed to get it to sync.

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