Feature Request: Upgrading storj version


version 0.0.6 of storj package in DAppNode uses storj version v.1.4.2
There have been several new releases of storj and v.1.6.3 is the latest version at the time of this writing (Releases 路 storj/storj 路 GitHub).

An upgrade to the latest (or at least a more recent) version would be appreciated.

thx and cheers :slight_smile:

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@Edu, do you think we can get this rolling? I鈥檓 sure other people are running the Storj package too!

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Any update for this ?
Want to start using storj, though the currently available version is very old.

Would be great if someone can upgrade the DAppNode support. thx

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Just installed and have the following repeating on the log:

2020-09-30T04:08:42.639Z INFO Configuration loaded {鈥淟ocation鈥: 鈥/app/config/config.yaml鈥潁
2020-09-30T04:08:42.648Z INFO Operator email {鈥淎ddress鈥: 鈥xxx@gmail.com鈥潁
2020-09-30T04:08:42.648Z INFO Operator wallet {鈥淎ddress鈥: 鈥0xXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX鈥潁
2020-09-30T04:08:43.817Z WARN version version not allowed/outdated {鈥渃urrent version鈥: 鈥1.6.4鈥, 鈥渕inimum allowed version鈥: 鈥渧1.9.0鈥潁
Error: outdated software version (v1.6.4), please update

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