Expose openethereum service on ports 8545 and 8546

I am trying to expose the openethereum package service through ports 8545 and 8546. The network interface of the openethereum package does not allow me to add more ports through Public port mapping, The update port mappings button always appears disabled even if it includes new ones ports to add. How can I expose the openethereum service so that I can connect remotely via ‘myId.dyndns.dappnode.io’? Thanks!

Hey welcome to the community!
The best place for support it always our discord. But to answer your question you can easily expose your OpenEthereum RPC and WS ports by going to the System tab => Network Tab => https section. There’s simple toggles to turn on and off these services access from the open internet. And it is SSL secured when done like this. You cannot update the ports in the package network tab to try to expose it to the outside internet.

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