Error message at onboarding, not password issue

prysm.dappnode/api/v2/validator/wallet/keystores/import 500 Internal server error

I am getting this at the end of the mainnet onboarding I tried the most savage of passwords it did not resolve my issue, so it is not a password problem. Also some tries later it allows to access the UI but it is completely empty, no validator accounts are added.

My validator log shows this:

time=“2020-12-27 08:53:43” level=warning msg=“You are using the --web option but have not yet signed via a browser. If your web host and port are exposed to the Internet, someone else can attempt to sign up for you! You can visit to view the Prysm web interface” prefix=rpc
time=“2020-12-27 08:53:47” level=info msg=“Successfully created wallet with ability to import keystores” --wallet-dir="/root/.eth2validators" prefix=accounts

So basically I´am accessing the UI without ever have imported my keystores?
I really dont get it, how am I able to have completed the onboarding without importing my keystore?

Here is the full story short:

  • Started DAppnode up
  • Prysm did not show up in the DApp Store at that time due to a known bug which has not been fixed until now
  • So I obviously thought Pyrmont was the program to install and installed Pyrmont
  • I did the onboarding on Pyrmont with the mainnet keystore, which should not work obviously
  • Sometime later the Prysm program appeared out of the blue in the DApp Store
  • Downloaded and installed it
  • Stuck at onboarding because it does not seem to import the keystore file, nevertheless I can access the UI but it does not show any data
  • My validator is online and gets penalised for missing every slot

What is the solution here???!

In the previuos step you have to upload only the keystore file NOT THE deposit-data(...).json ! We will get an error if we do that.

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Hi @Majmer and welcome to our community forum!

This is true but in that case it is impossible to get pass through the importing wallet and keys process AFAIK

@Majmer are you still facing the issue?
What kind of ETH1.x node are you running? Is it synced?
Do you have the right configuration pointing to your eth1.x node at Prysm config: http://my.dappnode/#/packages/

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