Error code and Node shut down


Getting this error msg from Dappnode,any idea?

you may get a better response if you copy and paste some of the errors rather than a rotated image

Got the exact same error every hour and had to restart all the time.

I got the error during eth 1 synch on my intel i5 10 gen NUC. I think i might have solved it by booting from an USB stick and running a file check on the ext4 partition with GParted. But I also deleted geth and have now started synching my full node with the openethereum client instead.

Now Its been running smooth for a day or so.

Well it looks like I still have problems. It seems like it has something to do with syncing eth 1 full node.
The system just breaks down in the end when trying to complete the sync.

I think I´m going to give up trying to sync eth 1 and use the remote option to see if i´m able to keep the validator running for any meaningful amount of time.