Erigon update causes resync, ignoring old chain data

Hi there,

I recently downloaded a few package updates and most of them went smoothly, however the Erigon update caused the node to reset and build a new chain, ignoring the 1.5TB of chain data I had downloaded from having synced the node previously.

I let the sync continue for a while and now my Erigon data is 1.8TB, which is when I knew something was definitely wrong

Im thinking the solution is to manually go into the node and do some stuff via command line to delete the 2nd chain and also reattach the Erigon software to the old chain data.

One consideration is the Erigon data in the dappnode UI shows up as 1 block of 1.8TB

Would love some help with this as this issue basically knocked out my node for the foreseeable future and it would be great to get back up and running without having to resync from scratch


Hi there!

Could you check for orphan containers at system > volumes and see if there is an erigon volume there?

I know there was an Erigon update that changed the path of the volume but it was propertly updated by dappnode

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