Dual boot dappnode and Ubuntu


I was wondering if there were any issues with dual booting on an Intel nuc with dappnode OS and Ubuntu. In order to ensure that they do not overlap, I was able to install the dappnode os on the m.2 ssd drive and then install Ubuntu on the sata ssd. I made sure that in the event of a restart the first one to load is dappnode os via grub customizer. Everything seemed to work fine; however, since I don’t understand linux that well I decided to wipe everything and fresh install dappnode os only.

I’ve been rethinking it and it would be good to have both if there were issues and I didn’t want to get penalties for eth 2.0. Would dual booting be a bad idea or as long as the path of the operating systems stay separate it shouldn’t matter?


Hi @TG1

That does not sound like something easy to be done by someone new to Linux :sweat_smile:

From a hardware point of view it does not look very safe, any harm accidentally made to the machine will take down both instances (like the dog eating the nuc, or a glass of water spilled over)

If your are worried about having redundancy or a back up you better get to our chat and ask away for other users advice.