DAppNodeDAO Season 1 Proposal


The DAppNode community is growing fast. With this growth there is more opportunity for the DAO to allocate funding from its treasury to members of the DAO for their contributions.

This proposal provides full scope for the idea of Seasons, and for establishing our initial DAO Structure.

Voting on DAO proposals will be done via Snapshot by Ethereum wallets holding NODE tokens.


Seasons are an assigned period of time for DAO members to come together to work on projects and initiatives that help DAppNode to fulfill its mission and goals. Goals for each Season will be determined in advance and at the end of each Season a retrospective will be written to analyze how well these goals were met and what can be improved upon for future Seasons.

The idea of Seasons allows for pauses to re-think about what worked, what didn’t and what needs to change for the next Season.

The Seasons will be organized quarterly, with the initial Season starting on the 1st of February and lasting only two months. The rest of the Seasons will continue quarterly with a one-week pause between Seasons to recap what worked and what changes should be made.

According to this, the calendar would look as follows:

1st Season: 1st Feb - 3rd April.

1st Season recap + 2nd season goal setting: First week of April.

2nd Season: 11th April - 3rd July

Here is a more detailed breakdown of Bankless’s Season 3 proposal.


The DAO structure will consist of the DAppNode core team, a governance team, and individual guild leaders which will be voted in.

The governance team would be its own team that is composed of the guild team leaders as well as members of the core team. The governance team will be in charge of distributing and allocating funds to the guilds once the season concludes.

The Core team is generally responsible for deploying the DAO Treasury, funding it with initial capital and producing proposals for further funding - although any community member is absolutely welcome to make their own proposals!

Once the terms of the Season have been voted and agreed upon there will be different guilds established. The four guilds that are currently being planned are:

• Communications

• Support

• Tokenomics

• Builders

Each guild will have a predetermined amount of funding allocated to it for the duration of the Season. The governance team will decide the total allocation of funds and how it will be dispersed through the guilds. Goals and projects for each guild will also be determined before the beginning of the Season.


Depending on the number of guild participants, we will be using Coordinape to allocate funds within each guild. Coordinape will be used to create a circle for each guild. Once the Season begins each member of the guild will be assigned (x) GIVE tokens which they will then allocate to other members on the basis of how much value members of the guild are contributing. Assigned GIVE tokens that aren’t sent to another member will not have value at the end of the Season which encourages all tokens to be distributed.

At the end of the Season the predetermined treasury funds will be distributed amongst each guild member proportional to the GIVE tokens they finished the Season with.

Here is a link to how Bankless DAO uses Coordinape.


Any dispute resolution will be managed human-to-human by the Core team in this season.

An even better solution would be to lean on already existing human-centric conflict resolution groups in the space. Being part of the Giveth universe, we could probably lean on their conflict resolution structure. @mitch, any thoughts?

Team Goals Draft


  • IPFS Pinner package
  • POKT Network Package
  • Retroactive funding for Joenv for web3signer keymanager implementation and UI.
  • …?


  • Educational Content
  • Community Development
  • User Outreach


  • What are fair ways to get more people involved with giving support?
  • More PAN rewards for support giving?
  • Separate sourcecred instance with only the members of the “support team”. Anyone can apply to be part of the support team.
  • 50% of the allocation of the Coordinape is allocated by sourcecred.
  • 50% of the allocation is allocated the normal way through GIVE tokens.


  • Very numeric objectives: Token with no negative deviation from ethereum of more than x%
  • Value of token higher than x
  • Start Honeyswap or Cowswap pools?
  • Liquidity mining v2.
  • Creating new uses for the NODE token.


A closing note, it has been difficult to appropriately plan a budget due to the fluctuation in the value of NODE. The tokenomics team will greatly influence the value that participants will be able to receive for their contributions. We are also aware that after the Season concludes and the funding is allocated there will likely be an influx of selling pressure from the participants.

This is a complicated issue, and one that hopefully the tokenomics team can address. We are very open to suggestions about how to handle the budget and look forward to your feedback so that we can run the best first Season of the DAppNode DAO possible.


Just read through the points and will formulate a reply… just too busy at present.


This sounds great! Hope to find a good place to contribute with limited time (and limited skills :/)

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Sounds great! I hope it has a long and healthy development !

Looking forward to read your thoughts!

Thinking about how the Team Selection process would look like, I think it should be quite open.
We should select a team lead that will be an Admin at the Coordinape circle, and this person would add whoever wants to be part of the circle to the Coordinape platform.
In order to avoid any possible exploits, we could require Bright ID verification to become part of the circle and/or some collaboration already done (some sort of work) that would then be appraised with coordinape.


Regarding conflict I recommend GravityDAO a TEC working group :wink:

Hey all - Kyle here from Gitcoin. I love to see the seasons come to fruition. I am curious though… how might a community member get involved. This seems to mostly select core team and a few folks the core team is already working with? I would love to work in the DAO and offer some of my time if there a way for me to apply or be considered.

Well I don’t have a BrightID at present. I was just looking into it. What name do they require at onset? Blackswan or my Twitter or my real name…. I’m no a bit confused.

I think it’s a clear approach to get things rolling.
I’d be happy to join in and contribute on the tokenomics and additional usage of $NODE

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