DappNode Wifi not connecting

Hi I had a look at my network and noticed that around my location there were other Wlan nets on Channel 11 the same channel that DAppNodeWiFi was on. I decided to change the Channel in the system package to 13 as my router said it was free. There were many on Channel 1 & 11. It said “wireless updating” but nothing happened. So I pressed “restart” now it says “restarting wifi” for last 40 minutes. I am not able to connect anymore. I now don’t have DappNode Wifi which seems is the only way I can enter the DappNode Dashboard as OpenVPN doesn’t work. How do I reinstall or change the channel to say number 13 instead of 11 as it seems to be clashing with others on same channel? How do I shutdown and start the DappNode safely? I’m getting there slowly. Thanks
I looked at my router and it says DappNode is still on Channel 11 but it’s not available when I try and login to it.

Are you still facing this issue?

At present my DSL is down no connection at all. A technician from my provider comes tomorrow morning to check the problem out. My router says it has checked my connection up to 200m from my router all ok…
The DappNode is unavailable. The router says 2ghz is down.
Is it ok to change the channel for DappNode wifi in the config GUI from 11 to 13? I think it didn’t update because my DSL was down or intermittent.
How can I safely shutdown the DappNode please.

Now got my WiFi back. My DSL issue is now fixed. There was a fault at the Telekom end on the street in a little grey box.

Now I’ve got to get OpenVPN up and running so that I can admin away from home.

I had to switch off and reboot to get wifi back. My channel now shows 13 not 11 as wished.

I had to switch turbo Geth package off as it was running my CPU at 98%… as soon as I switched it off the fans slowed and cpu at 6% :thinking::man_shrugging:t3: I have package updates pending.

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Have you finally made any progress on switching the wifi channel? What kind of ETH1.x client are you finally running? Is it turbogeth finally?

DSL still playing up. Provider has been around 4 times now.

I turned Turbo Geth off as it was stressing my CPU and Fan…

Go try Nethermind or Geth instead

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