32 Eth won’t show Pyrmont

Well I’m all synced and I’ve sent my Goerli Eth off to the contract. I’ve opened my Dashboard up on Prysm and the 32 Eth just doesn’t want to appear top left. 29 peers.

“A few seconds left in queue… has been showing for ages. I went into logs and saw this at the end of last epoch. My public address with a note about it. What does it mean?

Beacon node status keeps on ticking over and is green. Early my DappNode just stopped reacting and I had to restart it. Any ideas please. I’d love to know what’s actually going on. If I’m up and running properly.

IS THIS GOOD?? :thinking:

You highlighted in red some errors in the Validator client logs, but we need the other window, the one with the Beacon Node logs to show the same timestamp logs (at 16:54) in order to be able to check.

It seems to be running now… it’s attesting. I have a different problem but I’ll open a different string. WiFi…thanks!

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I can’t get in to Dashboard to get logs at present… Wifi down.

My DSL is down completely… it looks as if my provider has gone down not me. Technician coming on Thursday. RK outer test says it’s outside of house.

Once your DSL problems were fixed, have you also been able to overcome your Pyrmont issues??

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