DAppNode Validator NFT Challenge

DAppNode Validator NFT Challenge

Are you validating eth2 on DAppNode? Show it and get an NFT!

You’ve been there since the beginning. Yes, it’s still the beginning! Maybe you’ve gotten a POAP NFT from the ETHStakers Community for depositing before genesis or being one of the first to propose a block.

Now you can get a DAppNode NFT to identify yourself as a DAppNode Validator!

Rules of the challenge

  • Between the blocks 327600 (01/16/2021 @ 12:00am (UTC) and 442799 (01/31/2021 @ 11:59pm (UTC), all unique validators who successfully proposed a block with the word “dappnode” in the graffiti will be elegible for a unique DAppNode Validator NFT.
  • Any graffiti that contains the word dappnode will be valid, the rest of the graffiti can be whatever you want. Be creative!
  • So far there are 1430 slots proposed with the word “DAppNode” — This is AWESOME! If one of these is yours, keep the word DAppNode in the graffiti. We will only look at the graffitis between the blocks mentioned above, so you will have to propose another slot with it!
  • That’s it. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

After the slot 442799 has finalized, we’ll check all the validators that fulfill the above condition and we will make available the NFT to the eth1 address that deposited the 32 ETH in the validator.

The NFT will only be available to that address, but once you have retrieved it you can send it to any Ethereum address you want.

How to change your validator’s graffiti

Easy! You got it in the configuration tab of your Prysm Package.

The challenge begins tonight, so make sure you change your validator’s graffiti to include the word “dappnode”!


This challenge was a very good idea. Have POAP been distributed? I haven’t seen anything about it yet.

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