Dappnode shows conflicting status

My Dappnode crashed on the Eth side and missed many attestations during the night. My internet provider always briefly disconnects and reconnects once a day usually between 1-3AM (this is normal and I can’t do anything about it). My avalanche package shows ok on one page and a mixture on the other page.
I powered down using Dappnode UI and restarted but my Dappnode WiFi didn’t restart so I had to do a hard reset from the front of my NUC.
Now WiFi and Eth etc are running but Geth has started resyncing.
Avascan is saying my node is „Active“ but something ain’t quite right in Dappnode.

Its Geth resyncing from the beginning? Maybe the hard reset affected to the data volume. Geth store on the RAM information about the blocks so it’s normal to resync after a restart of the dappnode. To avoid hard reset if the wifi fails, if the wifi is not ON. Access to the terminal of dappnode and execute:
docker restart DAppNodeCore-wifi.dnp.dappnode.eth

Thanks for answering.

Looked like it but it’s now all gone green again. Avalanche has turned green all over too.

My Dappnode only ever loses attestations very early in the Morning after the Provider reconnect. It‘s actually my router doing it before the Internet Provider has to for some reason. During the day I’m fine. It’s not every night that I lose Attests either. It’s very annoying though. 45 attests missed.
I have Beaconcha app that pushes out notifications when it misses. I missed them last night though…

Well I’ve managed to switch off the compulsory reconnect every morning. It was a setting in my router. It was set to disconnect and reconnect at between 2am - 3am. That will explain why it was always mornings. The setting was hidden in “advanced”.
I have also upgraded my DSL to a much faster connection.
I think my problem can be closed.

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Networking stuff is always really complicated. Happy you got it work!
congrats :slightly_smiling_face:

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