Dappnode setup and install

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I have a brand new nuc and started by trying to update the bios but it just get saying A bootable device has not been detected
I therefore decided to try proceeding without updating the bios.

I have completed the install instructions but during the install process it gave the error ‘failed to run proceeded command’, it went on to complete the install though. I have then been promoted with this window ‘dappnodejake login’ - I have entered the username and password I set up but it says this is not correct. Just to clarify, the first input i should be putting on the line with ‘dappnodejake login’, is my username?

If I can’t get past this stage, how do I reset this?

Any assistance with this would be hugely appreciated. Also, just to clarify is it ok that I have gone ahead without updating the Bios? Can I try to do this retrospectively?

Many thanks

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