Dappnode set up question

Hi there,

I am trying to set up my Dappnode Advanced and have stopped at the first hurdle haha. I’m looking to run an ETH 1 node, validator and maybe a few other dapps (would love some advice on what to go for!) and I’m not sure which option to choose: the open API or full node option. As I can’t seem to see what each does or if either is limiting what I can do.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

If you want to contribute to keep up Ethereum strong and decentralized or you are thinking of starting to stake then running a Full Node is the right thing to do.

In that case you can choose between different clients (Geth, Openethereum, Nethermind…) but the UI will handle this easily and you will just need to click on a drop-down.

It will also use the remote option all the time needed until the full node is completely synced (check that the switch below Remote is enabled)

Ain’t it cool?

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