Dappnode security questions

Hello, I tried ubuntu/linux for the first time 2 weeks ago, managed to stake on the pyrmont test net thanks to the ethstaker community!

Later I found dappnode which is easier to use and preconfigured to run nodes!
I’m staking on pyrmont for the last 4 days, and I would like to switch to mainnet.

I have few questions. I will dig on my side aswell. Any inputs is highly appreciated!

-From my understanding the number of validators I’m running can be linked to my IP, which can be used to approximately locate me. It brings concerned for the safety of my house and familly. VPN can help but is not recommended. Any other option?

-https://launchpad.ethereum.org/checklist Using Dappnode, how can we make sure all the recommendations of this list are done?

-A hardware firewall is a good idea? I guess the challenge is to get it running properly with safety alarm/monitoring. Is this easy to do? My router may be able to do it? how to set it up?

-OpenVPN is quite handy, but what happen if the device I’m using is infected and then connect to dappnode. Bad things could happen I belive. How to avoid it? (only use openvpn through Tails?)

-https://www.attestant.io/posts/protecting-validator-keys/ this might be overkill but I wonder if there are some safety layer that could be easily added to dappnode


Maybe a VPS hosted in the Cloud would be a better option if Security is a high priority for you? Sure the costs are higher but it may give you more peace of mind?

thanks for your input.
I spent more time thinking about my set up and I think I might use cloud later when withdraw is enable.
As long as withdraw/transfer is not enable I would like to use dappnode.
this guide is really good https://medium.com/@pol.bordas.baches but he doesn’t cover the checklist of the launchpad

For everyone reference we did a topic aiming to cover the launchpad security checkist :wink:

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