DappNode on Windows 11

Hello, is it possible to run DappNode on a machine with Windows 11?

If yes, how to set it up?

In a nutshell, my goal is to run a Gnosis Chain node on a home PC (it has all the hardware requirements).

I’ve tried to research it on my own, but couldn’t find a way so far (disclaimer: I have zero skills in Linux and server setup).

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hey @Kawa - I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that it is not possible to install in a Windows machine.
The good news is that with the unattended ISO install, you don’t need to have any Linux experience if you’re willing to say bye to your windows installation and overwrite it with Dappnode! Head over our discord and ask there as this forum tends to be a lot less active than the discord.

Wouldn’t it be possible to run DappNode on a Linux instance running on Windows?

It MIGHT be possible, but you would probably run into driver issues.

It also wouldn’t be ideal, because Dappnode has to be running 24x7 for validators to work, and windows probably would have a hard time with that. Moreover, validators are very hard drive intensive, and having Windows in the middle would probably introduce enough delay that your validators would not be able to stay in sync.

If you want to try it just to see if it can be done, go for it. But I wouldn’t recommend running that on an ongoing basis.