Dappnode Mini Availability in North America

Hi there,

The USA compatible Dappnode Mini is currently sold out.
When will it be available again and what is the delivery cost and ETA when sending it to Canada?


Hey there!

Unfortunately the stock of Minis is exhausted and there’s no date for when it will be available again. I haven’t removed it from the shop because they can reappear at any moment, but the hardware supply chain is the wild wild west right now.

If you are comfortable installing linux, you could get an IntelNUC that fits your specifications and install dappnode manually (install.dappnode.io).

On an extra note, the Mini is NOT recommended for staking and it’s an entry level machine thought to run one or two nodes but no intensive applications. Whether you’re installing it in your own hardware or thinking about purchasing from our shop, consider what you want to be doing with it! I’m happy to recommend minimum hardware if you let me know what do you want to run with it.

Hi Lanski,

Thanks for your response and for the update.
I’ll look into install.dappnode.io for sure!

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