Dappnode main dash is unreachable over DappnodeWifi. Other Dashboards still available

When I go to my.dappnode I get this

This site can’t be reached

http://my.dappnode/ is unreachable.


I’m connected to the dappnode via it’s wifi connection. I do have access to other dashboards like http://gnosis-beacon-chain-prysm.dappnode/ and http://rotki.dappnode/#/

Is there something I can do to reset it?

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I still can’t reach my dashboard when connected by wifi or vpn. Any suggestions on how to go about troubleshooting it?

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The grafana dashboard works and I can tell that everything seems to be running fine.

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When I’m connected to my local network and attempt to connect via http://dappnode.local/ , I get a

502 bad gateway (nginx)

in my browser.

When my wifi is connected to DappnodeWifi and I attempt http://my.dappnode I get :

This site can’t be reached
my.dappnode’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.
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Same problem here. Runs for a little bit, then UI just starts constantly disconnecting, even impacting whole LAN. Also when using local proxy.


I’m also having this issue. Could it be related to having run two dappnodes on the same network? I’m pretty confident that I disconnected the ethernet before reconnecting. I’ve tried resetting the computer and dappnode to no avail.

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anyone have any ideas?

Use Wireguard
Go to local dappnode UI [http://my.dappnode/#/vpn/wireguard/], Under VPN click “Get Link”
Copy the Credentials given by the VPN profile, note you will be copying the remote VPN.

Install Wireguard on PC / Mobile
Add Tunnel > Add Empty Tunnel > CTRL + A > CTRL + V

On Wireguard connect to the Tunnel

On browser try accessing the apps you are trying to.

DAppNode official guide

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