Dappnode.local works but not my.dappnode

This is a brand new install on custom hardware. I can connect to dappnode.local and everything is working fine but my.dappnode does not respond at all.

Is my.dappnode only available on the wifi and VPN connections? (My hardware doesn’t have wifi and I’ve been unsuccessful with the VPN so far.)

If I choose to just connect via LAN to dappnode.local, will that do the same thing as my.dappnode over wifi/VPN?

I have the same problem. Only way to resolve it for me was to disable wifi and use LAN cable. Then both DNS address names resolved.

But whenever I turn wifi back on I get the same problem as you. Never got to the bottom of it.

There’s probably a work around by putting a static route on the router but I need to have it running wifi so learned to live with it.

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It appears that dappnode.local and my.dappnode do the exact same thing: they resolve to the dappnode’s IP address. It’s just that my.dappnode is only accessible via wifi or VPN (and apparently via LAN if all others are disabled).

I’m using dappnode.local for LAN access and my.dappnode for VPN access and to answer my original question, it seems they are identical in function.

You can replace both with the IP address of the DappNode as well.

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