DAppNode Internet Connection Problems - LAN Firmware Not Supported?

After several frustrating hours yesterday, it appears the DAppNode.iso does not support my LAN firmware (NUC 8th generation i5). On the Discord chat, someone had an identical problem with an older NUC model.

The light next to my LAN cable on the NUC blinks when the power is off. This continues when I access the BIOS. Inside the BIOS, LAN is enabled. When I advance through the install, the LAN light turns off. During the installation, I am prompted to configure a wireless network. At the conclusion of the setup, the QR code for OpenVPN does not appear. All of this occurs despite my NUC being plugged into the router the entire time. Are there any other possible explanations? Is there maybe something wrong with the NUC’s Ethernet card?

If this does happen to be the problem, is there any way to update my LAN firmware while installing the DAppNode iso via USB? Is it possible to perhaps do this at the command line, after the installation, before running dappnode_connect?

You may want to look into this solution in case it suits you

Came across that suggestion in the Discord, but unfortunately it didn’t work.

It’s quite possible that I didn’t install the package correctly however and I’m not entirely sure whether the package in question includes my driver. The Discord user was using a 7th generation NUC whereas I am using an 8th generation.

Problem solved! Initially when I downloaded the DAppNode ISO from the installation guide I was directed to version 0.2.37. Download the latest DAppNode verison 0.2.39, and my ethernet connection was immediately recognized.

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Glad to hear!! Could you please also post here the LAN chipset model??

It will help other users find your solution when using the forum search! :+1:

Never confirmed the LAN chipset model for NUC. Reinstalling the operating system using the DAppNode ISO 0.2.39 in and of itself solved the problem. Installation went smoothly and the ethernet connection was instantly identified.

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