DAppNode Intel FnCML357 suddenly not recognizing M.2 port

About a week ago my DappNode stopped booting. I have been trying to troubleshoot but I keep getting an error that a A bootable deice is not detected. The system is totally unable to boot. When I log into the NUC’s BIOS and go to the Advanced tab, I can see that the M.2 port is enabled but the system does not recognize the drive. Keep in mind this drive has been installed for about a year and has been working great.

When I remove the drive and look at it on another PC I am able to at least recognize the drive. The NUC doesn’t appear to recognize ANY M.2 drives. I can’t find any information on this and the NUC was purchased through DappNode. About a year ago I had upgraded from the stock drive to a 4TB drive, this has been working flawlessly.

It lists the M.2 Slot as [Not Installed] and the M.2 Slot Vendor ID: Device ID as FFFF:FFFF.

I am running BIOS version FNCML357.0038

EDIT: the drive is a Crucial P3 M.2 2280

I have an update, I am able to get the DappNode to recognize another M.2 drive. But it still does not recognize the Crucial P3 drive. I am able to access the Crucial P3 drive and see the partitions from my Windows machine but The DappNode doesn’t ever seem to want to recognize it.

I have another 1TB M.2 drive that came with the NUC which I have re-installed. I downloaded the latest version of the DappNode OS and installed it on this 1TB drive. I was able to get everything re-installed but the NUC has crashed twice now in the span of about 15 minutes. This is leading me to think there might be something wrong with NUC which might have damaged the other SSD drive that was installed.

It seems like one of these should last a lot longer than 3 years??

So I have some more updates regarding the crashes. I connected to the NUC VIA WiFi. As soon as I disconnected the NUC crashed again. I’m beginning to think that the constant crashing is the real issue. Maybe that corrupted the SSD drive. I had to completely re-install Geth today to get it to running again it was reporting the following error:

Fatal: Could not open database: truncate /root/.ethereum/geth/chaindata/ancient/chain/bodies.0000.cdat: invalid argument
Fatal: Could not open database: truncate /root/.ethereum/geth/chaindata/ancient/chain/bodies.0000.cdat: invalid argument

I have to re-install Geth to resolve this error. It doesn’t like crashing mid write…

So far so good. Its been at least 24 hours since the NUC crashed. I’m convinced its going to crash again but its just a matter of time.

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