Dappnode installed but I can't connect

Hey everyone. I just installed Dappnode in a virtual machine on an older macbook I have. The machine is bridged to my network adapter and the mac address does show up in my router. As well as this, I can also see in my router that Dappnode is using universal plug’n’play. However, I can’t see the Dappnode WiFi SSID and whenever I try to go to dappnode.local, I get an error saying ‘403 Forbidden’. I have also tried connecting to Dappnode through Wireguard and that doesn’t work either - it keeps saying ‘One or more endpoint domains could not be resolved’. I’ve really made sure that all of the information I put into the wireguard client is correct but I still have this issue. I’d really appreciate it if anybody would be able to help me so I could solve this.

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