Dappnode Install Trouble

Hey sorry to bother fellas just wondering if I may be able to get some information regarding a dappnode install. I followed the install docs and got to the “dappnode_connect” step and it would sit on “initialising dappnode” for 40 mins or so then return to the command line. Read through the forums and found a post regarding using Ethernet so I’ve wired up my machine and still not getting a connection. After a lil more reading found a post about dappnode not recognising my LAN chip or model and was fixed with a reinstall, so this is what I’m looking at doing but I don’t know how to remove the old OS to be able to boot from the USB drive again. I don’t seem to have any permissions either when trying a bunch of commands suggested here. I keep getting “not a sudoers file” error. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thought I better give and update. Reinstalled dappnode while connected to Ethernet and seems to have installed properly I think, just unable to connect via the QR code.

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When you scan the qr code or go to the link that appears, what error do you see?
That qr and link will redirect you to a page where to download the VPN credentials. If you can’t access, try to use, the mobile with mobile internet, it so it does not work, it’s a port problem, and you have to open the port for VPN .

what happens when you scan that QR code, whats the error? because that should be a link though DynDNS to your personal config .opvn for the VPN to download from your own node via DDNS. If you cant connect make sure ports are open 1194 for UDP and 8092 for TCP. on your router. If you still cant connect after confirming the 2 needed VPN ports are open you can bypass the DDNS by changing the dynamic dns address with the local network address for the device on your local network and it will be able to skip the firewall and even going outside your home network

Sorry fellas, i think I had different assumption of what was supposed to happen when I scanned the QR code. I didn’t have the OpenVPN app when I originally scanned the QR so I couldn’t do anything with the file.
All sorted now with a bunch of nodes up and synced. Thanks for the help guys. :+1:

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We are planning to add new onboarding instructions to clarify and make easy the first touch a user has with dappnode.

Anyway, congratulations to figure it out and made it work!


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