Dappnode extreme cpu temp


the cpu of my dappnode extreme is often at 100 degrees.
I do hear some noise so the fan shouldn’t be dead (yet)
What can I do?

When the CPU is very high on temperature for very long time (it’s ok if it’s a temporary spike), it can cause problems with performance. For this please:

  1. Make sure it’s not next to another source of heat (radiator, fridge, etc.)

  2. Make sure it’s not in a place with no airflow (inside a closet, under other objects…)

  3. Make sure it’s not in a place where a lot of dust tends to accumulate (at floor level)

If so, move it to a well ventilated place. If this doesn’t improve, the fans might be clogged with dust already. There many web guides and youtube videos on how to clean an Intel NUC from the inside.

Small tip based on my own experience: Electric blowers are better than compressed air cans: https://www.amazon.com/electric-blowers-computer/s?k=electric+blowers+for+computer !

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