DAppNode - Completely unresponsive

I couldn’t open dappnode page so I logged in to local console and that’s what I’d seen:

It died out couple of hours ago and now is syncing again:

4 cores of Xeon E-2278G with 12 GB RAM…
What wrong did happen there, how to troubleshoot it?

Hi @listhor,

Thanks for reporting it. We’re gonna have a look into it with the team and come back to you again

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After recent updates of Medalla Validator and Beacon chain things got better. I mean much less CPU usage and finally validator made progress to deposited status.
Could you also update Lightning Network package? It causes high CPU usage after 6 to 12 hours from restart and also additional spikes when browsing its webgui. On top of that, but I’m not sure of it, it doesn’t update correctly payment channel balance - I can’t see any history and balance keep changing continuously…

It’s good to know things are back to normal :+1:

We are working in improving how we manage the packages in the DAppStore, and we will be glad if we can count with the community to help us maintain some of them. So if you are familiar with Docker you can join us and be in charge of keeping up to date Lightning. How does this sound to you? :smiley:

Like I said before, I’m an advanced user and not a pro. I wish I could do it, but I’m afraid with my skills level I would be just disappointment :crazy_face: BTW, keeping up to date, what does it mean? Rebuilding dockerfile?

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