[DAppNode Community Treasury] 1st PAN Distribution!

[DAppNode Community Treasure] 1st PAN Allocation!

As we announced in the article published last week, we want to experiment with regenerative incentive mechanisms that result in win-win.

Well, the first PAN allocation is here! That means that if you have been active in Discord… you probably got some PAN!

You can check your allocation here

IF you have more than 20 Grain… Congrats! You are elegible for a withdrawal! (We use a 1:1 Grain to PAN conversion)

How to get your PAN

  1. PAN will be distibuted in L2, using zk-rollup tech in order to save on transfer fees.
  2. To have a L2 account, we will use zk-sync. zk-sync uses the same ethereum address so go to wallet.zksync.io, log in with Metamask… and you will receive your PAN there!
  3. You will need to tell us your Ethereum address so we can send you the PAN in L2, though. For that, you only need to write claim to and copy your address in the discord channel #ct-addresses. Just a message with your address, nothing else. Your message should look like this:
    claim to 0x1234...

Since the distribution is manual, we expect to do it over the 15th Dec to give everyone a chance to donate their PAN to their favourite projects in this Gitcoin Grants round!

So, if you are elegible: CLAIM YOUR PAN NOW!