Dappnode causes LAN and WiFi to drop

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New Dappnode is causing both LAN and WiFi issues. It will cause bandwidth degradation across LAN, and WiFi devices or cause the network to completely drop. I just got to the stage of installing the geth client but can’t get as far as installing the Gnosis Beacon Chain Prysm package. I keep losing access to the web UI http://dappnode.local/#/installer with an error saying no connection.
Was using the guide from here, How to Setup a Gnosis Beacon Chain (GBC) Validator on DAppNode

Have looked in the logs and the node is very busy talking to IPs on tcp/udp ports mentioned in the install guide written by GLCstaked. Would post the link but as a new user am limited to link quantity.

My geth client is at 53% synced, been at that since yesterday.
Blocks synced: 7732406 / 14365541

Could the issue be the geth client? Or is there something else I could check? Am very familiar with Linux should I need to SSH onto the box. Also happy to send screenshots or logs if required.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Wifi dropping across LAN resolved
WAN bandwidth degradation resolved
New issue - can not access UI over via any browser from any device, but can SSH to the box.

Wifi disruption resolved -
Checked logs and the cause was the wifi daemon constantly restarting. This was not playing nice with the existing wifi SSID on router. Problem arose from UI dashboard accepting 200 character password for Wifi config but protocol only permitting 63 characters max.

Internet degradation resolved -
Issue was down to geth client syncing and issue above causing router issues, went into loop. Removed geth client and went with client.

New lissue:
Can not access UI via any browser from any device - dappnode.local or my.dappnode does not work in browser. However, I can SSH to the box, can ping the box local IP, and pinging my.dappnode resolves name correctly.


All is well in the world.

Last issue was packets going over split routes. If box reboots the wifi daemon initialises automatically so you have packets travelling over wired and wifi, resulting in https issues. Should have spotted this earlier as a former Cisco network engineer.

Got the 4 keys created and beacon node up and running. Very impressed with the Dappnode and whole process. Just need a deposit now.

Conclusion and root cause analysis:
It was a PEBKAC issue. ‘Problem exists between keyboard and chair’.

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