DAppNode box in a home network with no router configuration access?

Hello everyone.

I am considering to get one of the DAppNode boxes to run my ETH1 + ETH2 clients.

I tried installing DAppNode before on VMs but never managed to get it to work due to my router setup: basically my connection is shared at the building level, meaning that I have only a shared IP (starting with 172, which appears to be for local communications in a private network) and no control on port forwarding or any kind of network configuration (all I can do with my router is setup a double NAT).
As a result (or was it due to the VM?), I could not get the VPN to work to access DAppNode from my main computer.

I was wondering whether that would be an issue if I got a dedicated DAppNode box, or I could get it to work without issue “out of the box”?
I am considering to move in the near future, at which time I would change my internet provider to get a direct connection, so I can wait until then if needed.

Thank you!

Hi @qntoine, and welcome to our forum!!

This is a familiar VPN setting issue that unfortunately we have not been able yet to overcome. It depends on a lot of networking that we cannot influence.

If you installed DAppNode in a machine that have a WiFi card it will generate a hot spot form which you can always connect and operate the UI.

All of our DAppNode Boxes in our Shop provide this interface already built in so no set up is needed, but you won’t still be able to use the VPN.

Hi @ruvenni,

Thanks a lot for you reply!
I’m glad to hear I am not the only one having that issue.

I have a few follow-up questions if you don’t mind:

  1. I understand the issue is due to my VPN setting. So if I get it right, the only way I could access the machine from my home network would be through a WiFi hotspot generated by the machine hosting DAppNode?

  2. Otherwise, is there any way I could solve that VPN issue if I change my internet provider? For example, if I had a dedicated IP with control on the NAT and port forwarding?

  3. More generally, apart from that VPN issue, would that impact the performances of the machine in any way?

Thanks a lot for your kind help!