DAppNode Advance login ID & password?

Hi DAppnode Form.

I just received the Adanced and turned it on. It is asking for a user ID? No instructions were provided in the shipping box. Does any one know what the ID is? or the password?


Just follow these steps :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you. that worked on WiFI. Do you know the User ID and password if I want to log on locally connected on keyboard, monitor, and mouse?


Edited to add: I like to access the Bios to change the machine to auto start after a power outage.

You don’t need that, you can get openVPN credentials in dappnode OS.
But anyway, username by default should be: dappnode
and password you should set when you first time access dappnode OS through the browser.


Hi @Billsonl

What @mihailo has pointed is absolutely correct.

I’d only highlight this for security reasons

And also I’d point out that the BIOS has nothing to do with the log in credentials - you don’t need the system credentials to access the BIOS.

You can log it to the underlying Debian OS with your credentials but this is not a requirement to do the set-up or to normally operate your DAppNode on a daily basis.


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