Current Rocket Pool operator

Hi, I am new to the Dappnode community so please let me know if I should post this somewhere else…

I am a current Rocket Pool node operator (NUC 11) and also have a fallback node (another NUC). I am interested in running DappNode as a solo validator. A few questions…

  1. Can I reuse my current NUC to run the Dappnode interface? I know Dappnode offers to run minipools through it but I already have them setup so this is not ideal for me.
    Or would it be recommended to buy another NUC to run Dappnode? Note that I am not super techie, just competent enough to have followed the Rocket Pool directions in how to setup the minipools on Ubuntu.
  2. Can I reuse my current fallback node to work with my Dappnode validators?
  3. I have unlimited ISP plan. However, would adding another NUC (with different clients) greatly increase my internet usage?
  4. I seem to see conflicting info, is MEV supported in Dappnode?

Thanks for the help!

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Hey @PurpleOrb !
Welcome! :tada:
Let me try to answer your questions:

  1. Can you reuse your NUC to run the Dappnode Interface?
  • You could… but since you are already running the RocketPool stack, and I assume a Consensus and Execution Layer nodes through the RocketPool stack… these wouldn’t be compatible with Dappnode and I wouldn’t recommend running 2 EL and 2 CL per NUC.
  1. I would STRONGLY advise AGAINST fallback nodes. Without knowing your setup it’s hard to advise, but please bear in mind that if your main node gets offline, your backup node gets activated, your main nodes goes online while the backup is online too… YOU WILL GET SLASHED! Unless the process is very manual and you have made it impossible for the two nodes to be validating with the keys at the same time, I would not run backup nodes. Since as per above answer you need another machine to run dappnode apart form the NUC, you could use this one and install dappnode on it (Dappnode is Free Open Source Software, no need to buy one of our machines if you have existing HW)

  2. Nah, your internet usage wouldn’t be that high. At most, you’d have a bit of a high bandwidth while syncing your EL + CL in your dappnode, but it would reduce after that. But you might want to keep an eye on the IPFS node that is included with your dappnode and how it interacts with your router. You can always deactivate it if it causes trouble.

  3. Yes, MEV Boost is supported on Dappnode.

Thank you for the thorough response. Upon doing further research, I am leaning towards using eth-docker which offers a “reverse hybrid form”. This would allow me to add solo validators to my existing RocketPool docker and reuse my existing EL & CL clients for it.

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Happy to help! Good luck!