Criticisms of Dappnode

I love the Dappnode product, how simple it is to operate and how it “just works” most of the time, along the lines of something like Apple. That said I have two main criticisms.

One is that it seems to further centralize the ethereum network to Prysm.

The second is the complete lack of support. Absolute zero help activity from any community on either this forum or the subreddit, or anywhere that I’m aware. Now you could easily argue - well what support do you deserve for a free open source operating system? And you would be making a good argument. It just comes down to: how could any sane person hand the keys to 32 eth over to an OS for an indefinite period of time for which you will not get any maintenance help when you need it, ever? Just pure insanity.

Those are my criticisms. Let me know what I can do to help make them better, I’m willing to volunteer anyway I can.

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You can get support here, but it takes few days for an answer.
Maybe a premium support would be great (with monthly Subscription ?)

Thank you for your feedback!

There are many reasons why dappnode just focused on just Prysm as ETH2 provider, I think @Lanski could explain them better for you.

Thats a good point and Im kind of agree with you. One of our main objectives is to create a community around DAppNode so users help each other, as well as develop and help mantain dappnode for their self interest.

I am not sure if you are aware of our discord server, you could get into following this link. It has much more activity than the forum (the forum is recently getting strength) and you might get support from either dappnode team and experienced users

Hey @jtodd , thanks for your feedback! <3

Definitely hang around Discord for more action than Reddit - although this forum should help you too!

Regarding the Eth2, this is something that has been voiced several times - and there is a good reason for it:

“Client diversity is A MASSIVE PRIORITY for DAppNode. For both Eth1 and Eth2. DAppNode was born to help at a micro and a macro level: at a micro level it would eliminate technical barriers for anyone to run nodes and at a macro this would have the effect of increasing network resilience. Within network resilience there are several aspects: types of connection, geolocation, (…) and client diversity too.
For Eth1, we are happy to maintain Geth, OE and Nethermind. TurboGeth is close to being ready to being offered as the main node, but there’s a problem: it is an archive node by default, and a small archive node at that, but it’s still very big in comparison to the others, so it might actually be bigger than most people’s drives.
Even if the latest version is not always the one available in DAppNode, you will find a stable version and it will always be updated before a hard fork (like Berlin).
For Eth2, client diversity is also crucial, because all implementations are even more untested and new!
We would have totally implemented the rest of clients, but there is ONE thing on the way: a part of our mission, as stated above, is to eliminate technical barriers. And for that we consider it necessary to have a UI where users can perform their tasks as validators.
So that’s it, that’s the only reason why other clients are not in DAppNode yet. That said, that’s why we are working with Nimbus to bring a UI for their client. There’s no other reason to NOT have other clients!”