Cosmos Package Dashboard

Does anyone have some info on the Cosmos Package? I installed it, it is slowly increasing in “size” but I can’t seem to access the dashboard for it, I’m assuming I have to wait for it to sync. Can’t find any INFO on this anywhere on the internet.

Hi @ggwill0,

I’m not familiar with that DApp either, but I see it was created by ColmenaLabs. They have some ways of reaching them in their website.

Also, I think that we have someone in the community that may be related to ColmenaLabs. @wimel, can you please comfirm if I’m right or help us somehow?

In adition, I found this on his documentation

Well I have the package installed. But when I go to https://cosmos.public.dappnode/lunie it says server not found instead of taking me to the dashboard.

I get a 404…

You better get to or their webpage to report it

Hey so sorry for delay, I check and tell you something get me some time to check please. As far as size is concerned, it doesn’t depend from us, Cosmos network is working on light clients, as soon as they implement it we will update the package, but if the node is not synchronized you won’t see certain information.
Lunie has left the project in the hands of the community, it could be something related to it, excuse me, I’ll keep an eye on it and tell you something.

Any help is welcome!! :heart_eyes:

I have been doing some checking, on January 28th at 06:00UTC there is an update from cosmoshub-2 to cosmoshub-3 (you can read more about the proposed update here). So when the network has released the update the package will be updated, this will eliminate the problem of late synchronization due to the weight of the blockchain.