Constant IP address resets

AVAX sorted IP connection problems YouTube 03:45 - 05:10 I still have problems with my router punching out many IP connections a day. This happens not everyday but my WLAN goes off and my DSL connection restarts. According to my router sometimes 50-200 connections. I was looking at an Avax (Avalanche) validator video on YouTube and they had also come across the same problem with „residential routers“. Why should there be a difference between residential and non-residential I don’t know.
Basically they found a fix to this problem and introduce it to the Devs to a change that has eliminated it. Has DAppNode got this feature included. The presenter from Avax talks about this from minute 03:45 to 5:10.

I was just wondering if it was the phenomenon that was causing all my connection problems. If this feature isn’t include in the DAPPnode could it be added so that residential people like myself can connect properly.
This is a long shot but the problems people were having with Avax Validating is exactly what I’m experiencing at present.
If you could take two minutes to view the clip I would appreciate it.

I’ve now switched my testnet node completely off… if my Wifi and DSL now go stable it must be something to do with my DappNode setup. I’ll give it a couple of days.

Have a great New Year.
From 3:45 to 5:10
YouTube link

Well after switching off and disconnecting my NUC I’ve only had one DSL connection a day and that’s a compulsory reconnect from my provider.

I’ll just see how long it takes before my DSL plays up again. 27 hours without a disconnect from DSL. Wifi and Internet ok. Are the Avalanche people onto something here?
On Tuesday the telecom engineer comes around again… until Sunday I’m going to leave DappNode switched off and see what happens. Sunday morning I’ll restart it and see if I start getting lots of reconnections again.

I’d like some sort of reply to this please.

Hey! sorry for the delay Blackswan. DAppNode uses its own DynDNS which resolves the domain and updates the IP to the DynDNS every interval, so dynamic IPs should not be a problem.

If you are experimenting bandwidth problems there is something you can try: ipfs DAppNode package consumes high rates of bandwitdh, so try updating the ipfs package:

"If you can connect to the DAppNode via WiFi hotspot or any other way, could you go to the dappstore and type - press enter - let it load and install the newest IPFS version.

Then go to the IPFS package (Packages > System Packages > IPFS) and in Config you will have a drop-down menu in which you will be able to put IPFS in low power mode. If it is IPFS as it was in other cases, this should solve it."

Related to the router issue, that is out of the scope of DAppNode. We cannot change how a specific router works.

It was in low power already… I never set it.