Connecting to Dappnode Remotely (No port forwarding allowed)

Anyone know if it is possible to connect to dappnode rpc/ws outside of the local network if I am not able to use port forwarding.

Hi @nmazza,

If you have purchased one of our DAppNode Boxes in the shop you can follow this steps and set a VPN connection (step 3).

If you have installed DAppNode any other kind of machine, you may want to have a look at the installation guide to see how to download the .ovpn file and use it to set up a VPN connection.

But how do you connect remotely to your LAN, VPN?
And you may use (depends on your router) dappnode VPN server as source for a new lan (tun) interface, set masquerade for all incoming connections through that interface and if you have local DNS, use it to forward all “dappnode” domain queries to internal dappnode (unbound) DNS server…

Yes, you do connect using the VPN created in the installation process (check our step by step guide). Make sure to have Upnp enabled in your router configuration.

I meant alternative/his own connection… Anyway, that’s what I do - once I’m out of reach of my wifi either my mobile or laptop automatically connects to my lan over openvpn. That’s why I don’t want to use dappnode VPN.
I connect to dappnode using either of them:

  • being in lan in trusted subnet (assigned by enterprise wifi/radius) -> access to dappnode vpn/tun interface
  • being outside, I connect to my own OpenVPN server and once again, I’m in trusted network -> access to dappnode vpn/tun interface

In case we are missing the point

The only way is to set up a VPN (we provide one out of the box, but you can set your own), but in order to set up the connection the router should allow port-forwarding or UPNP activation.

Hope this helps clearing things up!

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