Connecting to Beacon/Validators to DAppNode running on a different machine

Hi nodlers I’m using dappnode for the first time (currently syncing). Most of the eth2 guides are tuned towards having prysm installed on the dappnode itself along with geth. I was wanting to keep the eth1 node separate from my beacon/validator server meaning I want dappnode and prysm on separate machines. Can I set dappnode up so it is a web3 provider similar to infura? I am using a static IP so I figure I should be able to connect to it via that IP. Can you point me in the right direction please?

Hi @dpdanpittman

I guess you can do it in Prysm package options, just like I show you in the below picture (although it belongs to the testnet version)

I received this answer from dapplion in the discord.

So looks like i just have to point to my IP address with port 8545 open.

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Correction: its port 30303 that needs to be attached to the endpoint

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